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    Our Services

    Environment Setup & Configuration

    Whether you need office workstations setup, racking & stacking of servers at your data center , or deploying in the AWS cloud, we’ve got you covered.

    App and Software Development

    Our engineers are ready to help you design and implement your latest ideas into the apps you need for your business to flourish.

    Help Desk Support

    Our Help Desk services are designed to provide you the solutions you need quickly and affordably. With our tiered support model, you know you’ll always pay only for what you need.

    Managed IT Services

    With our Managed IT Services, you get everything you’re used to, without the hassle of maintaining anything. We take that on and keep your services online and your business running.

    Why Choose Us

    Quick Responses

    We strive to take care of our customers as soon as possible. In fact, its not out of the ordinary for us to respond to our clients within 30 minutes!

    Digital Solutions

    Our workflows are highly integrated and make use of today’s most robust and creative technologies to provide solutions quickly and securely.

    Accessible Prices

    Designed with small businesses in mind, we make our services available to you on-demand so you only pay for the support you receive or services consumed.

    Expert Knowledge

    Our engineers posses a wealth of industry knowledge having been major players in some of the biggest tech companies in and around the bay.


    We are experts are troubleshooting with a proven track record.

    We're Mobile

    We’re able to come on-site in many cases, within the hour.

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    Identify + Fix + Improve

    Stomping out bugs and resolving exceptions is crucial in all business computing operations. Our support engineers can help you find those ongoing issues that continually interrupt your operations and will work with you to get them finally resolved.

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